Family Dollar Transaction All Digitals Free Diapers And Cheap Gain

By Gavin | August 21, 2018

Today I have a family dollar post, so if you didn't know Family Dollar does have an app, as you see you type in Family Dollar and search it, and it's right there. I'm showing you this on a mom's phone, but on my phone, I downloaded the app, and automatically he gave me say five dollars when you spend fifteen dollars, so that was after coop before coupons.


Download Family Dollar and signup

I'm going to show you what I got for the five operations. I just got out of Family Dollar and this is the items I got for a total of four dollars and 20 cents. If you want to know how to get this deal just keep on it.

The first thing that you have to do is if you're not signed up with Family Dollar they do offer smart coupons which are their digital coupons. All you have to do is download that app and sign up with your phone number in your email, and you automatically get a five of fifteen coupons and it automatically goes to your account.

In order to get the five out fifteen, you have to download the app, if you don't download the app you will not get the five all fifteen so make sure you go and download the app, and then you're going to clip all the coupons.

The things gained and coupons

I'm about to show you. Now let's get, the first thing is I got the gain Fabrice, liquid detergent, this is on, for three dollars and ninety-five cents, the 40 fluid ounce, and we have a digital coupon for two dollars off, and the gain swings are three dollars and ninety-five cents.

We have a digital coupon for two dollars off, the game fireworks are four dollars and ninety-five cents, and we have a digital coupon for a dollar off, and then the Pampers wipes the 56 counts is on, so the regular price two dollars, but they're on sale.


I don't know if it's just my doll June, my family dollar or everybody's, but they were on sale for a dollar 85 and we have a decent cool digital coupon off, and then I got two of these Huggies snug and dry travel size diapers. If we have digital for three dollars off of one and two dollars off of one.

So you are going to clip both of the coupons and they will adjust to a dollar, and you're not going to, family dollars is not your average. Then coupons do adjust to a dollar making these free, like before coupons with sixteen dollars and seventy cents.

Use the digital coupons on Family Dollar

Since I used all digital coupons and the 5.15 was digital, all I had to do was put in my phone number, and that's how all my digital coupons came off, and then after all my digital coupons came off, my total was four dollars and 20 cents with 82 cents of tax.


So out of pocket, I paid five dollars in two cents for all these items, which is a great deal. If you want to get into this deal go to your family dollar and clip all these digital coupons, and you're good.

Here's my receipt, you can push pause and take a good look at the items, the prices and the digital's that came off, and there you see my subtotal. Hopefully, you like this post.

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