FamilyDollar All Digital Transaction Cheap Even Free

By Gavin | August 21, 2018

I went to a Family Dollar and I did this deal another pocket, I paid a dollar and ninety cents plus tax if you want to know how to get this deal just go ahead.

First thing is on the gains links, this game flings the water flower and waterfall 12 counts, I guess they are being discontinued, all the family dollars, they should be discontinued as in like unmarked clearance. At my store, there are three dollars and fifty cents, and we have a high value $3.00 off digital coupon making it just fifty cents, so that was a good deal, and on the Palmolive, this is two dollars and ninety-five cents on.

So we have a $2.00 off digital making it just 95 cents, so that's the really good deal. Because it's a really big bottle and then the Armand Hammer stamp freshness boosters the 24 ounces, these are on sale for 395, we have a $3.00 off digital making it just 95 cents, and you could get this or you could get the pods. The Armand Hammer like the type odd-looking things, but I got this instead, and I went to Walmart and these are at Walmart price for $4.97 and Family Dollar, you just get it for 95 cents.

So that's this card plugs this one right here the midnight storm, these are unmarked clearance, there are dollar 25 each and we have a three dollar off of two attaching to this making it free. This was 95 cents and 50 cents, mater pocket was a dollar 90 plus tax, just wanted to write it down in case you like the little breakdowns.

The gain flings 12 counts only, this cent which is wildflower water from 315, $3 off digital, the Palmolive ultra 295, $2 of digital, the Armand Hammer freshness booster 395 with the $3.00 of digital, the Febreze card plugs midnight, you have to get two of them. It's going to be 250 and then the $3.00 off of two, so the total was 1290 - eleven dollars in digital's, it's going to be a dollar ninety plus tax for five items or just thirty cents 38 cents a the item, a pretty good deal.

Make sure y'all go down on family dollar price check if they're cheap, and you can get them for free or you get them cheap because I saw some stores have them for 215, so if you had there 215 at your store with that $3 off digital you can get them for free. Make sure you check out Family Dollar and all their clearance items.