FamilyDollar Couponing

By Gavin | December 26, 2017

FamilyDollar Couponing

All right, when you come in, I walked up here to the coupons and sales. We're going to trap those and take a look at those and see. If there's a happy Family Dollar coupons that we can stack with manufacturer's coupons.

They have the Glade air care on sale for 20% off and I am going to get this vanilla candle which actually has a pili on the top, for 50 cents off. These are $3 with an extra 20% off, the 50% off pili and my manufacturer's coupon. You should get this candle for right around $1 and 15 cents. So, we're here at Family Dollar, to show how you can use coupons save money at the dollar stores and today when we're here. They have the bounty six-packs on sale for five dollars, and we have the PNG coupon for $1 off. Any bounty six rolls are larger.

So, we're going to start with that put that in our cart, and we'll get that for four dollars shave gel on sale. For two dollars and we have a $2.00 off coupon. But, it's out of stock. So, we will double check casher. But, I have a feeling, since it would be free, it's probably not here. Right now, and theraflu warming relief $5. We have a three dollar off coupon to use for that. So, we're going to grab that one.

Okay, in our cart, we have the five dollar bounty. We have two bottles over wrinkle relief spray which the Family Dollar, brand is the only time that we use it works the best out of any of them.

So, that is another four dollars, we have the Glade candles. The two theraflu warming fluid, the blue relief and we have two bottles of cherry Diet Coke, Family Dollar had a special coupon where you got the two liter bottles of coke up to four of them, for a dollar each you. I also like to buy my vanilla wafers at Family Dollar. There are only a dollar a box compared to the name-brand which is three dollars box. 

They work just the same that the same sized box and we use them to make banana pudding for Christmas. Another thing, I like to get at Christmastime Sandra dollar is the peanuts. Because, you can get honey roasted peanuts, for a dollar fifty can compared to the name-brand which is three dollars and sixty-five cents.