FamilyDollar Haul: Smart Coupons

By Gavin | December 26, 2017

FamilyDollar Haul: Smart Coupons

Hey everyone, it's Catherine's with coupon card club. Just here with a quick haul that I did at Family Dollar. I know, I've been gone for a little bit. So I'm sorry about that.

There's a few things that are coming up. During my week scheduled, it's been stopping me from going on my haul. So I, so I've definitely been slowing down. I did pick up a few things from Family Dollar. But, I just wanted to let you know, if you're new to couponing or new to shopping at Family Dollars, make sure that you download the app.

It is only available for Android. So, my Apple friend users, we have to use, we have to go to and download these smart coupons onto your telephone number.

Once you download them, you go to the store, you pick up your items and the coupons, automatically get taken off at the end of your transaction. Also make sure that you download the app espada with ibotta. It gives you discounts and promotions off on what particular items or even uploading a receipt there.

Okay, so the first thing, I'm going to talk about is the Purex crystals. The Purex crystals is on sale for $4. I had a $1 off coupon. I think, it was printable from I'll charge double check that for you and also, there is a dollar rebate for ibotta. So, it brings down the price to about $2 for this bottle. So, it's really good. This is the 18 ounce Purex crystals, they have different flavors. But, I just picked up one and then next will be Huggies is b2c, just white bear on sell for 216 and there is a 50% off coupon, that comes from being mark implies. You just added on to the cart and a job coming apart. It's pretty simple pretty easy, when it comes to shopping with a smart coupon.

Though it only works for one particular product. So say, if I bought two of these white B's only one of them would get taken off with the coupon. So, when you do shop at Family Dollar, make sure that you're going to pick up Amy what's specified in the coupons and what you're going to be using. 

Family Dollar does still take regular paper coupons, but they try not to. Because, it's a little easier for them in their system to use. The digital ones alright everyone.

Thank you so much for listening and watching for my friends who want to join my facebook group, the link will be below and if you want to join a meeting, we have on every Tuesday night. All you have to do is send me a quick email, at coupon car club at Okay, everyone see you soon.