How to Use Digital Coupons at Family Dollar

By Gavin | August 21, 2018

I would share how to use the Family Dollar app and clip coupons, you need to go to your Play Store if you're on an Android, and you need to download the Family Dollar app.

The first time you sign in that will give you a welcome f5 off of 15, that will automatically be clipped to your account, and then you can start clipping your other coupons to go with them.


How to use Family Dollar app and clip coupons

This is what it will come up first, and you just need to scroll down, and when you see one that you want, all you do is just hit it and it won't go up to clips, and you can do that all the way down.

Now if you want to check and see what you find you just clip Soyuz into your breakdowns, before you go just go up here, and get clipped and it will tell you all the ones you have available, and then you can definitely use those.

Now how to access these is once you've got a Family Dollar and you get all your items, go to the key owner and type in your phone number, and they will all come off.

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